Two-Bedroom Suite

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  • 412-King Bedroom 412-King Bedroom
  • 412-Queen Room 412-Queen Room
  • 412-Queen Room 412-Queen Room
  • 412-kitchen 412-kitchen

Two room suite with a King bed in the master bedroom, a Queen bed in the sitting room with a large bath in between plus a small working kitchen. (You enter in the kitchen and you must pass through the Queen room to get to the King bedroom.) Best bathroom in the house! Jumbo sized with a tub/shower combination and you can sit on the throne and view the cupola on our historic courthouse.  25″ cable TV in the Queen room and a 40″ flat screen TV in the King Room, air conditioning. Front view from the bedroom on the fourth floor overlooks Downtown Deadwood. Kitchen is fully furnished with everything but an oven.

Queen Suite

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  • 411 Double Queen Suite 411 Double Queen Suite 411 Double Queen Suite
  • 411 Double Queen Suite 411 Double Queen Suite 411 Double Queen Suite
  • 411-kitchen 411-kitchen

Lovely French Provincial decor that has two Queen beds in one spacious room with hardwood floors and decorator rug. This unit has a furnished kitchen and one bath with a tub/shower combination. High front view from the 4th floor overlooking Deadwood’s downtown. 25″ cable TV, air conditioning. Kitchen has everything but an oven.